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Glossary of Papermaking Terms ABRASION RESISTANCE Ability of paper product to withstand abrasion. Measured by determining degree and rate that a sample loses weight under specific rubbing action of an abrading substance, such as an eraser.

ABSORBENCY Property of pulp, paper, and its constituents and products that permits the entrainment andFile Size: KB. Glossary of Paper Terms. The following glossary will introduce you to many terms associated with making papers and the descriptive qualities of the finished sheet.

"A" Paper Size: Common sizes for sheets outside of the U.S. are ISO sheets sizes. The International Standards. Paper stock that is crisp, clean and the purest shade of white. Most often used for letterhead and envelopes. Blind Emboss. Blind emboss is a technique in which the impression of an uninked image is pressed into a sheet of paper.

The image is raised on the paper. Calligraphy. Calligraphy is a traditional form of beautiful handwriting. Paper Terms: Backer: A piece of paper that your invitation is displayed on top of—it often matches the color scheme of your wedding invitation.

It's a way to add a design element to a simpler invite. Bamboo paper: An eco-friendly paper made from bamboo. It's very soft and thick, ideal for letterpress printing. Offset Paper Also known as book paper. General description of any paper primarily suited for offset printing.

Can be coated or uncoated. Characterized by strength, dimensional stability, lack of curl and freedom from foreign surface material. Finish can be vellum or smooth. Offset Printing Also know as web offset or lithography. Originally a term applied to cotton-content paper used for printing bonds and legal documents and distinguished by strength, performance and durability.

Bond paper may now be made from either cotton, chemical wood pulp or a combination of the two. Today, writing, digital and cut size papers are often identified with the bond scale. Book. An unsized paper used wherever absorption is the required characteristic or where soft spongy paper is needed, even though the absorption is of secondary importance.

It is often made from rag, cotton linters, chemical or mechanical wood pulp, or mixtures of these. The paper is porous, bulky, of low finish, and tends to possess little strength. abrasion resistanceabsorptionaccordion foldacetate proofacid-free paperacidityagainst the grainair-dried paperalcohol/alcohol substitutesaluminum plateannouncement cardsantique finishapronarchival paperartificial parchmentartworkascendersback cylinder pressurebackbonebacking upbagassebaggy rollbandbarium sulfatebaronial envelopebase colorbase stockbaselinebasic sizebasis.

Book designer David Moratto, interior book design structure Book design structure terms and definitions. INTERIOR BOOK DESIGN STRUCTURE GLOSSARY. The following will help you understand the three main structures that an interior book design is comprised of and terminologies that a book designer and a printer might use.

Glossary and terminology on paper conservation and book binding Ghorbani, M M.A. student of the conservation of cultural-historical objects, T ehran university of ArtAuthor: Mahdi Ghorbani. Drying book: after a stamp is soaked from an envelope, the stamp must be dried and pressed flat; the stamp drying book, made of blotting paper, is used for this purpose.

Dumb Cancel: Absence of identifying inscription found in various forms on cancellations. (1) A long strip of heavy paper, cardboard, or other stationery and allied terms. book that shows names or numbers and individual addresses assigned to a carrier route. It is placed below the separations on the carrier case.

(2) A tag of heavy paper or cardboard on a clerk distribution case that shows Post Office, state, ZIP Code, or. This term refers to a color test strip, which is printed on the waste portion of a press sheet.

It is a standardized (GATF-Graphic Glossary of paper Technical Foundation) process which allows a pressman to determine the quality of the printed material relative to ink density, registration, and dot gain.

A Handy Glossary of Paper Terms. Acid-free paper: Paper manufactured in a neutral or slightly alkaline pH environment, usually buffered with calcium carbonate, to prevent the internal chemical deterioration of paper over time.

Because of the absence of acid or acid-producing chemicals, the paper is more environmentally sound and is more stable. Glossary of papermaking terms compiled for Penicuik Historical Society: Papermaking Tercentenary Project 2 Word / Term Definition A Acid free Paper free from any acid content.

Alum Aluminium sulphate, added to gelatine in the sizing of paper to stabilize the Size: 94KB. A Glossary of Terms for the Collector of United States Stamps. Editor’s Foreword. a sheet of paper with a strategically placed stamp-like indicium that prepays air mail postage.

After the message and the name and address of the recipient are written, the sheet is folded, sealed and mailed. albino stationery: Allied Military Government.

stationery definition: 1. the things needed for writing, such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes 2. good quality paper. Learn more. Source – The supplier of information, such as a person, book, survey, etc.

Straight News – A plain account of news facts written in standard style and structure. Subhead – Small, one-line headline inserted in the body of a story to break up the monotony of a solid column of small type.

Stationery definition: Stationery is paper, envelopes, and other materials or equipment used for writing. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Paper Glossary. Absorption: The property that causes paper to take up liquids or vapors in contact with it.

Acid free paper: Paper manufactured to a neutral pH reading (7). Used for fine art prints, limited edition printing, scrapbooking and other applications.

Anti-offset spray: In printing, a material (usually dry starch particles) sprayed on to the wet ink film surface to prevent set-off. Adopted as part of an international standard of paper sizes in the s, A4 is the most commonly used paper size around the world.

It measures at mm x mm, and is part of. Gloss can refer to the reflectivity of paper itself or of the printed result on it. Gloss of paper is measured by using a Gardner gloss meter, which measures reflected light at an angle of 75 degrees, and is expressed in Gardner gloss units - the higher the number the glossier the paper surface.

Office Supplies. List of useful stationery items with pictures and examples. Being able to talk about and refer to various office supplies in English can be a huge help when it comes to times that you are working with people who speak English.

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(Time Magazine) Ms. Staller is the owner of Rosetta Papers, which offers a wide variety of customized invitations, stationery, holiday cards and announcements. (ad for Rosetta Papers). Glossary For Works on Paper. Abrasions: Loss of media (and often the support) caused by rubbing or scraping.

Accretions: An accumulation of extraneous matter on the surface of the artwork that alters the artist’s design, i.e. dirt, dust, grime, etc. Acidic Backboard.

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Glossary of Paper Terms; Resources. The SAGE Dictionary of Social and Cultural Research Methods. Chlorine and its compounds were commonly used to bleach fibers. In the body of your text, select the term “accrual accounting”.

Leaf – a sheet in a book. Two pages. The front and back together of a page is called a “leaf”. Light weight paper – book grade paper of basis weight 40# or less with high opacity for its weight. Line negative – high contrast negative usually made from line Size: 78KB.

Book Paper Category of paper suitable for books, magazines, catalogs, advertising and general printing needs. Book paper is divided into uncoated paper (also called offset paper), coated paper (also called art paper, enamel paper, gloss paper and slick paper) and text paper.

Border The decorative design or rule surrounding matter on a page. Bounce. Glossary of Paper Terms: Antique Finish A paper surface with a natural rough finish.

Basic Size Parent sheet size of a grade of paper. 25 x 38 for book papers 20 x 26 for cover papers 22½ x 28½ or 22½ x 35 for bristols 25½ x 30½ for index. Basis Weight Weight (in pounds) of a ream of paper ( sheets) in the basic size for that grade.

Cards of paper with matching envelopes generally used for social stationery, announcements, weddings, greetings, etc. Antique Finish A paper finish, usually used in book and cover papers, that has a tactile surface. Usually used in natural white or creamwhite colors.

Apron Extra space at the binding edge of a foldout, usually on. 4 Paper Products and Containerboard Glossary B Flute A flute that is approximately inches high.

There are 47 ± 3 flutes per foot. Base Paper (Body Stock) The base stock for plain or decorated coated papers and boards. It may be uncoated or precoated on the paper Size: KB. Book binding technique that uses glue or hot melt glue to hold each page or signature together and into the cover of the book.

AF & PA. American Forest & Paper Association. An organization that coordinates the many different needs of the broad-­based paper and paperboard industry. Against The Grain.

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Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at ". A definition of stationery. Noun [U] Items needed for writing, such as paper, pens, pencils and envelopes Good quality paper for writing letters on and matching envelopes A definition of stationer.

Noun [C] A person or business that sells stationery A definition of stationers. Noun [C] UK A shop which sells stationery A Definition of Stationary.

Comb binding - The classic round plastic bindings that require nineteen little square holes in each sheet of paper. This process can be used for books up to pages. Pages can be added or removed easily.

And the finished book lies flat when opened. Generally produced in white, off white or a pale blue for stationery purposes, usually below 40g/m2. Manifolds and lightweight bonds are also often known as airmail papers. ALUM A term commonly, but incorrectly, applied in the paper industry to various qualities of aluminium sulphate.

stationery: 1 n paper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters; usually with matching envelopes Synonyms: letter paper Types: letterhead a sheet of stationery with name and address of the organization printed at the top Type of: writing paper paper material made into thin sheets that are sized to take ink; used for writing correspondence.

Wedding Stationery Terminology. Board: Is what printers and stationers refer to as Card Folded card: A card that is folded like a greeting card Flat invitation: 2 sided piece of card like a postcard Pocketfold: An invitation format that has two folds and a pocket for the RSVP card, envelope and any information cards that are required Information card: A flat piece of card which can be printed.a paper that reports research, both primary and secondary, and includes documentation presented according to a specified form research a systematic study or investigation in a field of knowledge, to discover or establish facts or principles, including both primary and secondary sources.Card Modeling FAQ Appendix: Glossary of Paper Terms A4, A3, etc.

ISO standard paper sizes. See Markus Kuhn's excellent document International Standard Paper Sizes for a detailed description of the various ISO standard sizes, and EDS Incorporated's Guide to International Paper Sizes discusses Japanese standards.

Alkaline Paper.

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